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SUSTAINABILITY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, HAQUOS through some initiatives intends to involve its community in contributing to the protection of the planet and to the support of social responsibility.

From this commitment comes the collaboration with TREEDOM, the first online platform for planting trees at a distance, which has made it possible to plant 1,700,000 new trees all over the world. The trees are planted directly by local farmers: they are the ones who take care of them and enjoy both their environmental benefits and their fruits.

Together we can contribute by adopting and planting our tree directly on the platform you find on the application / site, in this way the HAQUOS community achieves the goal of creating its own GLOBAL FOREST located in different countries around the world.

Day after day we can follow directly on the platform the history of the agroforestry project of which our tree is a part, and measure our contribution in absorbing the CO2 that is so damaging to the Earth and to health.

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