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Weight loss, strict diet, pregnancy and breastfeeding all contribute to sagging breasts, which is also called breast ptosis and which understandably worries many women.

A breast that is adequate for one's age and harmonious with one's body is a common desire, now achievable thanks to the mastopexy technique.

Haquos, a beauty center for medicine and cosmetic surgery, wants to become the new point of reference in Milan for women who want to start a beauty path totally focused on their physical characteristics and personal needs, which is tailor-made for them.

Haquos, with its specialized staff, follows the patient in every phase of her journey, suggesting the techniques that fully respond to her physicality and the type of result she wishes to obtain.

What results does it give?

It allows to obtain a harmonious and toned breast with the rest of the body thanks to the fact that this type of intervention is aimed at lifting, firming and shaping. The ideal candidates for breast lift are women with breasts that, although sagging, have a satisfactory and adequate size.


What kind of surgery is it?

Mastopexy - or breast lift - is a surgical procedure that generally involves 3 incisions through which the amount of skin necessary to reach the desired level of resizing or resizing is eliminated.

In some cases, this intervention may include the insertion of breast implants, depending on the type of result that has been agreed with the patient.

Usually the prostheses are inserted under the gland to offer the patient the most natural result possible.

How long does it take to see the results and how often is the intervention repeated?

Although breast lift causes swelling and bruising for several weeks, the first results will be visible immediately while the definitive effect of the new breast will be clearly visible after a few months.

How is the surgery performed?

Breast lift takes place with general anesthesia and lasts an average of 3 hours. If you also opt for the insertion of dentures, it may last longer. The operation requires one night of hospitalization at the Clinic. At the end of the surgery, two weeks of rest are required before resuming work, while sports can be resumed after at least 1 month.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the surgery?

It is possible to undergo breast lift at any time of the year, but make sure not to sunbathe on the affected area in the month following the operation.

Safety and Quality

Haquos, a center for aesthetic and surgical medicine in Milan, offers its patients the best staff with international experience, ready to follow each of them and to recommend a beauty path that is tailored and suited to their needs.

It is essential to be able to acquire a good harmony with your body, to feel better with yourself and with others.

Deciding to undergo an operation is a choice for one's psycho-physical well-being but which must be made in full awareness of what one will encounter.

Haquos experts are ready to clearly illustrate each stage of the journey. Book your personalized consultation now.

After a careful analysis of the patient's physical characteristics, Haquos specialists will work out with you the result that best suits your needs and morphology.

Before performing the surgery, of course, some preliminary tests such as the electrocardiogram or ECG and the blood test will be necessary to determine if the patient is ready to undergo a surgical operation.

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