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Haquos is a word that does not exist .... it is inspired by water.

Water is a fundamental component of all living organisms: our body is largely made up of water. For example, no living being - plant, animal - can live without water .... Water is life.

The lotus flower, present in the Haquos logo, is a flower that is born and grows in the water, large, with colors ranging from white to dark pink, passing through yellow, but which has a story behind it made of slime, mud and insects.

Yes, because when its sprout is born it remains under the surface of the dirty water and makes its way forcefully towards the sky.

Only when the sun kisses it does it open.

The petals open slowly and the flower blooms in all its splendor.

The Haquos Center wants to be, for each person who chooses it, the source that provides the nourishment to allow it to blossom, to get out of daily stress, from a dull or wasted state ... to be able to show itself and the world in its natural and dazzling splendor.

Come and meet us and touch what our approach can do for your well-being and beauty.

Fill out the form and choose with our assistant, who will call you in a short time, the best time of the week for you.

We are waiting for you!

The Haquos Team

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