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Rediscovering a fresher, younger and more toned body is a concrete reality thanks to a targeted Mesotherapy treatment, capable of effectively counteracting various types of imperfections and guaranteeing a result.

This result is achieved thanks to a team of highly experienced doctors and attention to the real needs of the patient, who will be followed at every stage of his beauty journey.

What results does it give?

Thanks to this aesthetic medicine technique it is possible to improve the elasticity of the skin, eliminate excess fluids, tone and detoxify the body.

Unsightly or negative health phenomena, such as cellulite and water retention, can be drastically reduced within a few weeks, with immediately visible and lasting results.

What kind of treatment is it?

Mesotherapy (term that derives from Mesoderm, the deepest layer of the skin) consists of a cycle of district intradermal injections of a set of targeted drugs - generally lipolytes, suitable for dissolving fats - in small doses.

The action of mesotherapy injections is inflammatory, vascular and lipolytic.

The treatment is therefore indicated for the following pathologies:

  • Local adiposity and cellulite or edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS)

  • Biostimulation and skin rejuvenation of the face

  • Dermatological pathologies

  • Motor rehabilitation

  • Veno-lymphatic insufficiency

  • Small sports trauma

  • Osteo-arthro-rheumopathy

  • District adiposity

The Haquos medical and cosmetic surgery center can become your new point of reference in Milan to take care of your body.

The Haquos medical staff offers excellent beauty treatments, a first orientation consultation will help you find the right one for you.

How long does it take to see results and how often is the treatment repeated?

To see the definitive result of the treatment, Mesotherapy provides a cycle of 4 sessions on a weekly basis, the effect is then lasting for the following 6 months.

How is the treatment carried out?

The sessions take place in about half an hour on an outpatient basis without the use of anesthesia but, generally, a minimum amount of anesthetic is inserted into the solution to be injected so that the treatment can take place in all serenity both for the patient and for the doctor.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the treatment?

It is possible to carry out the treatment at any time of the year.

Safety and Quality

The Haquos Center is synonymous with safety and reliability, guaranteeing its patients only excellence.

Mesotherapy has no particular contraindications but it is good for the patient to undergo some allergy tests to start the cycle of sessions safely, without reactions to the injected drugs.

The hyaluronic acid fillers are subjected to strict quality and safety controls before proceeding with the treatment, always performed by highly trained medical personnel.

The Haquos center also has the best outpatient facilities in the sector, to guarantee its patients an optimal environment for any intervention.

Haquos professionals know that beauty is a path that requires complete dedication to the needs and safety of each person, right from the first meeting.

An expert is available to every patient who wishes to have a professional consultation that is attentive to his needs.

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