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The breast is an important part in a woman's life, any imperfection related to it often leads to various problems of insecurity and discomfort with others.

Not only that, if the breasts are too large, it can also lead to posture problems that can seriously affect the spine and therefore the state of health of the patient.

A breast surgery can therefore be a solution to find a new dimension with your body.

A breast that is harmonious and suitable for daily needs is now within everyone's reach thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Haquos Medestetico Center .

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The hypotrophic or emptied breast represents for the woman a 'lesion' not only aesthetic but also of her own femininity.

Breast augmentation effectively satisfies the desire for greater breast volume. Performed with a high degree of accuracy and customization, it achieves natural looking results.

The intervention therefore corrects the imperfection while keeping in mind the weight of the change on a psychological level.


A breast that is too voluminous can be a source of discomfort for the patient not only from an aesthetic / psychological point of view but also for physical reasons.

Excessive breast weight causes the body's center of gravity to shift with mechanical stress on the spine.

Breast reduction surgery resizes the volume of the breast, shaping its shape at the same time.

After the surgery it will be possible to have a freer life both in sport and in the choice of clothing.

Breast reduction pursues several purposes, the most obvious being the search for harmony between the shape / volume of the breast and the rest of the body.

Equally important is the fact of getting rid of the weight and therefore of the static imbalance on the spine.

What kind of surgery is it?

In the case of breast augmentation, it involves the choice and insertion of prostheses suitable for the physical and morphological characteristics of the patient.

Haquos offers its patients different types of prostheses, both in shape and content, meeting every need.

The prostheses, always of the latest generation, can be round in shape or with an anatomical profile, with a smooth or textured surface.

Regarding the content, two types of prostheses are mainly available:

  • made of silicone with a saline solution inside

  • in silicone with silicone gel content (the most used)

How long does it take to see the results and how often is the intervention repeated?

Immediately after the surgery, even if the affected area will appear very swollen and with edema, you can already partially see the first result obtained.

After a week of rest, you will be able to resume work and after about two weeks you will be able to see the results of the operation better.

The final result will be fully visible after a few months, of course, during this period, check-ups at the Center will be necessary to make sure that the recovery is taking place correctly.

The scars will almost completely disappear over time. A second surgery is usually not necessary and the results are long-lasting.

How is the surgery performed?

The operation takes place under general anesthesia and may require a night under observation at the center. The overall duration of the operation can vary from one to two hours.

The most common incisions are made in the areola area, inframammary sulcus or armpit.

Implants are usually inserted below the pectoral muscle and mammary gland.

It must be said that the patients, before the operation will have to consider the fact that the insertion under the muscle allows a less difficult vision of the breast during the mammography exams.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the surgery?

Mastoplasty can be performed at any time of the year; if you decide to do it in the summer it is good to keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the sun for the two months following the operation is strongly discouraged.

Safety and Quality

Mastoplasty is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures in the world, procedures and controls are now so well established as to guarantee a high level of safety for every patient.

One of the most common doubts that accompanies patients is the quality grade of the breast implants.

The evolution of materials and production techniques has improved the shape, consistency, safety and duration of the breast implant.

The Haquos Medestetico Center offers its patients only state-of-the-art prostheses that fully meet the highest quality standards.

Each step of the intervention is scrupulously agreed with the patient, so as to proceed in total serenity and safety on results, techniques, materials and procedures.

Haquos staff is available to assist each patient in their personal beauty journey, reaching a result that can satisfy expectations but is also accurate and harmonious.

Choose the best time for you and ask your questions to the Haquos experts, find our contacts here .

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