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Our Center offers beauty and care courses… Here, you will find more than just treatments for their own sake.

The Haquos world deals with medical aesthetics, which supports more invasive and profound treatments, with the aim of increasing the result and duration.

The treatments are associated, mixed, mixed according to scientific criteria and technical knowledge in order to offer the patient the maximum achievable beauty results.

Our Center has a staff that differs because it is made up of professionals, each of whom deals with a specific field: we do not want to do everything, but only what we know we can do best.

For this reason we have chosen three aesthetic doctors, each of whom specializes in a specific aesthetic discipline: the injection, rather than the laser or trichology.

We have also chosen to have specialists for nutrition, naturopathy and regenerative medicine, to give advice and guidance that can be complementary to the needs of health, well-being and beauty.

Haquos medical assistants and aesthetic techniques are an irreplaceable support, highly qualified and continuously updated on the newest and most advanced treatments complementary to aesthetic medicine and surgery.

If you don't know our Center yet, book your free Check-Up now.

You will be contacted by our reception hostess to fix your gift on the most convenient day and time for you.

We are waiting for you!

The Haquos Team

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