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Rediscovering harmony with your body and face, despite the passing of the years, is today a feasible desire, with evident and lasting results.

The Haquos Medestetico Center offers its patients the opportunity to treat themselves to beauty treatments that are aimed at counteracting the signs of aging and not at all aggressive with the skin, which will appear younger and fresher from the first sessions.

What results does it give?

Fights the first signs of aging by intervening on skin relaxation. Thanks to this aesthetic treatment, a substantial decrease in wrinkles and expression lines will therefore be observed.

What kind of treatment is it?

Innovative aesthetic technique which, using handpieces on a special device, transmits energy through heat into the deeper layers of the skin, thus stimulating the regeneration of collagen.

How is the treatment carried out?

Radiofrequency takes place on an outpatient basis and usually lasts from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

On average, 2/4 sessions are carried out on a weekly basis.

Since it is not an invasive procedure, radiotherapy is not painful but usually a simple anesthetic ointment is applied for preventive purposes.

How long does it take to see results and how often is the treatment repeated?

The first results are visible a few weeks after the first sessions. Generally it is recommended to repeat the treatment every two years to stabilize the results obtained from the first cycle of sessions.

It is possible to repeat the radiofrequency treatment but it is always necessary to first consult with a Haquos expert to evaluate the risks and benefits of a second cycle.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the treatment?

The treatment can be performed in any season, including summer, and has no particular contraindications.

Safety and Quality

Each aesthetic procedure of the center is carefully screened by Haquos staff to meet strict quality standards, so as to guarantee complete safety for patients during their wellness path.

Equipment and staff are excellent and meet every need.

The products are always at the forefront and are chosen by the staff of the center to meet the real needs of each patient, who are advised on the best path and results within their reach.

Botulinum toxin - or Botox - is the most requested (and practiced) Aesthetic Medicine treatment by Women and Men alike.

Surely the reason is to be found in the excellent results visible immediately, that this treatment is able to give.

Haquos Specialists are at your disposal to illustrate the benefits of botulinum toxin for those who want to find a more relaxed, fresh or open look.

Beauty is a pleasant journey, but also a conscious one.

Contact Haquos today, the staff is at your disposal to answer your questions and meet any request.

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