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The Haquos Medestetico Center allows you to undergo aesthetic medicine treatments of the highest level with an excellent medical staff.

For many women, blemishes such as cellulite can become a problem that can involve the emotional sphere.

Thanks to the avant-garde treatments offered by Haquos, it is now possible to find a solution that can definitively reduce this completely feminine problem, giving new self-confidence and renewed balance with one's body.

What does it do?

Aesthetic medicine technique that improves the draining and circulatory activity, reducing swelling and heaviness. The bandage is also particularly effective for the treatment of cellulite blemishes.

How does it take place?

Stretch cotton bandages on which active ingredients have previously been applied.

The bandages will be wrapped on the affected area which will absorb the active ingredients by osmosis.

The substances are generally part of essential oils, algae or saline solutions, and each of these will be chosen by the specialist based on the result to be obtained.

Bandages can be hot or cold.

In the case of cold bandages, typically vasoconstrictors, the goal is to firm the affected part and reduce swelling. Warm bandages, on the other hand, as vasodilators, are the most used and effective technique for treating cellulite.

How long does it take to see results and how often is the treatment repeated?

the sensation of lightness of the legs is immediately perceptible, as regards the imperfections of cellulite, they are improving as circulation improves.

The paths will then have to be repeated cyclically to keep legs dry and drained.

How is the treatment carried out?

The treatment is carried out at the center 2/3 times a week for about 2 months. The bandage lasts about 45 minutes, followed by a massage on the affected area.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the treatment?

It is advisable to stimulate the circulation all year round, to arrive in the warmer months and appreciate the effect of the treatments.

Safety and Quality

The bandage is a type of aesthetic treatment that does not present particular contraindications, however it is good to keep in mind that the specialists of the Haquos center will make sure that the patient does not have any allergies to the products in which the bandages are soaked, that there are no ulcers or wounds in the affected area.

To perform the bandage in total safety, the patient will undergo some quick preliminary tests in order to exclude any risk and start the beauty path with serenity and certain of the results that will be obtained.

The Haquos beauty center offers its patients the best medical-aesthetic staff in the sector, able to guide them from the very first meeting in their personal path of resolving the cellulite imperfection, advising them on the best techniques and substances most suited to their needs.

Contact the Haquos center, one of our experts is waiting for you for a first orientation consultation.

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