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If the problem of hair loss cannot be solved with aesthetic treatments, the patient may decide to undergo surgery.

At the Haquos Center , transplant operations are carried out that lead to truly natural results, eliminating the risk of rejection.

Today, in fact, thanks to the highly trained staff, it is possible to undergo completely safe and unmarked self-implantation interventions.

What results does it give?

This innovative intervention technique allows to satisfy the aesthetic need of the patient to be able to regain thick hair and at the same time makes the treatment non-invasive.

The new methodology allows the germination papilla to be divided into two parts: this means that it is the patient's own adult stem cells that reconstruct the explanted part, totally regenerating all the hair extracted during the transplant.

What kind of surgery is it?

Minimally invasive surgery in which the individual hair bulbs are taken and then grafted into the affected area, it is therefore a self-implantation.

This technique does not involve trauma or stitches and therefore leaves no marks, scars or stains.

How long does it take to see the results and how often is the intervention repeated?

The first results are already visible a few weeks after the operation.

Since this is a removal of portions of hair, subsequent interventions are generally not necessary.

However, if the patient notices a new phenomenon of hair loss in areas that have not been affected by the surgery, it is possible to request a new appointment to consider the possibility of a second auto-implant.

How is the surgery performed?

The operation is performed in the clinic, under local anesthesia and lasts an average of three hours. Once concluded, the patient is free to resume normal daily life.

What time of year is it recommended to carry out the surgery?

The patient can undergo a hair transplant at any time of the year.

At the end of the procedure, however, it is advisable that the patient does not bathe or wash his head, do not put the affected part in contact with pillows or hats and only use products prescribed by the Haquos specialist.

Safety and Quality

Since this is a self-implantation operation, the patient does not run the risk of rejection or that the scalp is permanently damaged due to artificial materials.

The whole process is totally safe, which is why it is the only one recommended by the Haquos center experts for patients who wish to undergo a transplant surgery that leads to natural and lasting results.

The structures of the Haquos Center meet precise and strict quality standards capable of responding to every need.

From the first meeting, a specialized doctor will listen to your needs and begin to outline a path that is truly tailor-made, for a tailor-made result.

Contact the Haquos center immediately, to come and discover the facilities and medical staff of excellence.

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